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interior view of one of the Westlake Village Office Suites

Every successful business needs a place to work and just enough room to grow.

Whether you’re a brand new startup looking for a home base or an established business seeking new or additional space, you’ll find the perfect office suites for rent at Westlake Village Professional Office Suites.

Westlake Village Office Suites

Enjoy these Amazing Features and Benefits

Flexible, Comfortable Spaces

  • Office suites with a variety of floor plan layouts
  • Combination of multi-purpose spaces with dedicated workstations and private offices to perfectly suit your unique needs
  • Also available — spacious suites with lots of open areas for maximum flexibility and comfort

Convenient Location

  • Conveniently located just off the 101, with easy access to the freeway both east- and west-bound to simplify your commute
  • Perfect location for employees who’d like to live close to work
  • Trusted schools, churches and other community amenities in the area
  • Local resources and support to help families truly thrive

Great Amenities

  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Golf courses
  • Entertainment
  • Wide variety of other amenities in the area

Pop out for lunch with coworkers or swing by the store on your way home — it’s all just a couple of minutes away.

Free, Easy Parking

When you choose one of our office suites for lease, you won’t have to worry about renting parking spaces or getting your employees passes for nearby parking structures.

Free, easily accessible parking for your staff is automatically included as part of your rental package.

Beautiful, Vibrant Neighborhood

Located just southeast of Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village is a pleasant community nestled against the backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains.

  • Horse trails
  • Hiking trails into surrounding recreation areas
  • Breathtaking views of California’s natural wonders

…and much more!

Renting with Us Can Get You a Tax Break!

Because our building is located in Ventura County rather than Los Angeles County, your company can benefit from a tax break on office rentals.

Even if you do most of your business with clients in other counties, you’ll still pay fewer taxes by keeping your office here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Parking Like? How Many Spaces Are We Allotted?

Our building offers convenient, above-standard (3.8/1000), on-site parking. With your suite rental, you’ll receive ample parking spaces.

Is This a Good Place for a Tech Startup Company?

Absolutely. In fact, the area just around our building is home to numerous tech companies already, including Oak Data Systems, Inc., Pixelgate Networks and Seven Lakes Technologies.

What Is Traffic Like?

Despite being located along the 101, Westlake Village is nowhere near as active as Los Angeles. As a result, you can expect much better traffic conditions here than you would in the city.

Are There Good Places to Eat Nearby?

Yes, dozens of them! On our side of the freeway, you’ll find places like Sushi Planet, Pookie’s Thai eatery, Sea Casa Mexican restaurant, Natural Café (vegan), and numerous other restaurants. You’ll find even more options on the other side of the freeway, like Blaze Pizza, Paul Martin’s American Grill, and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse.

Who Handles Maintenance & Repairs?

If anything related to the building facilities needs repair, replacement, or cleaning (light fixtures, plumbing, outlets, etc.), our building management team will handle it. We will also handle all scheduled maintenance as necessary.

Is There Building Security?

Yes, the building is fully equipped with a security system. We do not have onsite security personnel.

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